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The Grant Park Conservancy is thankful for a long-term partnership with Exelon. Over the years, Exelon volunteers have mulched thousands of trees in Grant Park. Mulching retains soil moisture during hot, dry summer months and conditions the soil so when it does rain the soil is more fertile and can absorb more rainwater. It also nourishes the trees and protects their trunks. Exelon's tree stewardship has become integral to the health of Grant Park's urban forest. Grant Park is Chicago's front yard to the world and without Exelon its trees would not be near as healthy. Indeed, the benefit of trees cannot be overstated. Trees provide habitat and food for birds and other nature while preventing soil erosion and rainwater run-off. They cleanse the air absorbing tons per year of: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particulate matter. Finally, healthy growing trees liven up Grant Park with beauty throughout the changing seasons. The Conservancy gives a big thank you to Exelon and all the volunteers for their public service.

  • Planting trees is one of the least expensive and most effective ways of drawing excess CO2 from the atmosphere. 

  • A mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of up to 50 pounds per year and release enough oxygen, 260 pounds per year, into the atmosphere to support two human beings. 

  • A mature trees carbon absorption is equivalent to the amount of carbon exhausted by driving a car 26,000 miles. 

  • They cleanse the air absorbing tons per year of: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particulate matter. 

  • They reduce heat islands. 

  • They are appreciating assets valued in the thousands of dollars each. 

  • They attract jobs and economic development.   

  • They attract tourists to visit a city. 

  • They increase property values. 

  • They cool buildings by shading them from the hot summer sun and can reduce air conditioning bills by 30%. 

  • They relax people and reduce tension thus helping heal sick people and reduce crime. 

  • They provide shade for people walking and biking and look very attractive, thus encouraging people to walk and bike. 

  • They provide habitat and food for birds and other nature. 

  • They prevent soil erosion and rainwater run-off. 

  • They are the longest living organisms on the planet.  

        You can measure the fiscal benefit of trees at the 

        National Tree Benefit Calculator 

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Citi Volunteering

Citi volunteers have partnered with the Grant Park Conservancy for over two years now and they have helped plant flowers at the Cancer Survivors Garden and mulch trees and do other environmental and landscaping work in Grant Park.  The Grant Park Conservancy is very thankful for all of their volunteering and great spirit!


Earth Day 2014

On 4/26/2014, a beautiful Saturday morning, the Grant Park Conservancy teamed up with the Chicago Park District, South Community Church and 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti's Clean Green Team to mulch dozens of trees between the Logan Monument and Roosevelt Road.

Fairmont Chicago

Millennium Park - Volunteering

Fairmont Millennium Park Chicago has been a Grant Park Conservancy partner for several years.  On a regular basis throughout the spring, summer and fall, Fairmont volunteers help mulch trees, clean up trash and weed the Cancer Survivors Garden in Grant Park.  They also help us with Solti Garden and other areas of the park. We are very thankful for all of their help!


Chopin Garden Volunteer Day

Over 40 people came out on a sunny Saturday afternoon to help mulch and plant flowers in the Chopin Garden and enjoy the garden's first concert, The high turnout proved there is a community invested in this project and committed to realizing the Chopin Garden vision. A big thank you to Chicago Chopin Foundation president Voytek Putz for organizing the event. We also want to thank our sponsors Sawa's Old Warsaw for providing tasty sandwiches, sweet desserts and tea along with Christy Webber Landscapes for providing the plants. This is just the beginning!


Macy's Volunteer Day

Volunteering is always in fashion! On May 4th, 2014 Macy's employees came out in full force to support Grant Park Conservancy's tree stewardship program. It was a family affair with many youngsters helping their parents mulch dozens of trees around the Agora installation and Solti Garden. The Grant Park Conservancy appreciates the energy of Macy's team in keeping Grant Park trees healthy. We look forward to working with Macy's in the future!

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Grant Park Conservancy

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