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GPAC September Meeting

Grant Park Advisory Council Public Meeting Date: Monday, September 24, 2018 @ 6:30pm Location: South Loop Strength and Conditioning, 645 S. Clark

The Grant Park Advisory Council is calling a public meeting to discuss the Chicago Park District's attempt to take over GPAC and violating its by-laws. This action is in spite of the Chicago Park District's own Advisory Council Guidelines which state; "It is important to note that PACs are separate and independent entities apart from the CPD." GPAC is one of the most active councils and meets all of CPD requirements of a compliant council. Further, its meetings are the most well-attended and everyone has always been welcome. GPAC officers were democratically-elected and at every public election and before, there are always requests for candidates. The elections have been supervised by the Chicago Park District Fieldhouse supervisor. At this public meeting, we will give Grant Park updates and discuss all sorts of important information as to what has happened over the past year. Thank you for attending. Topics: Federal Consent Decree - Omari Jinaki will discuss this decree that formed the advisory councils due to discrimination in certain areas of the city. Maggie Daley Park restaurant is stalled for years despite much public support and it once had close to $9 million in private funding and is now a vacant, unsightly, neglected entrance to Maggie Daley Park right on Monroe Street. Grant Park Skate Park - hours have been reduced by two hours to a 9:00 p.m. closing despite the entire Grant Park closing at 11:00 p.m. Is this fair? Also, the number-one complaint, by a vocal few, at public meetings is about the skate park despite it being one of the top urban skate parks in the county and a place for people from all over to recreate, learn, collaborate and interact and get exercise. When the GPC and GPAC put in thousands of hours to create it, we received support from so many skaters and BMXers who said skate boarding and biking saved their lives and greatly improved them when going through troubling times in their young lives. Election of Board members.

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