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GPC/GPAC February Meeting Recap

At last night's public GPC/GPAC we had to eventually cut off comments as there were too many people who wanted to speak out against the Field Museum for trying to destroy Chicago Park District public trees on public land.

There wasn't one person in favor of the Field Museum's environmentally-destructive tree removal. Many thought the whole idea was bizarre. This is a controversial issue. I was really glad to see that. Other people think we need to start a petition to save the trees.

One person brought up that the Field Museum gets many more tax dollars ( $5.4 million) from Chicago property taxpayers than the Shedd Aquarium and the Shedd has much higher attendance numbers. The Shedd has also done a great job relandscaping the area around the Shedd without taking any trees down and even adding a few.

Thanks to everyone who attended last night's GPAC Meeting.

Bob O'Neill

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