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Grant Park Advisory Council & Grant Park Conservancy Public Meeting: Wednesday December 14th, 20

Grant Park Advisory Council & Grant Park Conservancy Public Meeting: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 @ 6:30PM

GPAC/GPC will present a proposal of initial design plans and renderings of the potential "HealthPark@GrantPark" that could transform an unattractive, environmentally-unfriendly asphalt lot surrounded by chain-link fencing into a lush, green, outdoor park with state-of-the-art areas dedicated to a variety of exercise disciplines. The location is at the southern edge of Grant Park's Upper Hutchinson Field off of Columbus Drive and 8th Street.

More than a park, the HealthPark@GrantPark could bring a lush new arboretum to downtown Chicago. Integrated within the landscape of additional trees and organic gardens, the space could foster forward-looking academic research led by pioneering and passionate UIC faculty and students. This world-class public research university could step outdoors into the HealthPark@GrantPark as an extension of its campus to better connect with the community in the heart of Chicago. This will allow Chicagoans and visitors of all ages and physical abilities to educate researchers and be educated in every interaction and visit to the HealthPark@GrantPark. This could be the first-of-its-kind healthspan research hub and holistic health park dedicated to the prevention and treatment of chronic disease thus fostering healthy living medicine. The park could host free fitness classes and events that will be open to the public year-round through partnerships with dozens of local and national health & wellness organizations to engage the community and encourage social interaction.

Please come out and give us your feedback on the concept plans and initial renderings.


1) Bob O'Neill - President of the Grant Park Conservancy and Advisory Council

Grant Park updates: Urban Buddha sculpture, Grant Park Cubs' victory celebration, Lollapalooza improvements, 2017 festivals, Giving Trees Initiative, health park images

2) Ross Arena - Professor and Head, Department of Physical Therapy, UIC

Healthspan Initiative in Chicago Parks

3) Omari Jinaki - National Calisthenics Athlete and advocate for the expansion of healthy outdoor, public, green spaces

4) Luke Jensen - VibeUP Mindfulness, Festivals & Residential Lifestyle Programming

5) Chelsey Gardner - CorePower Yoga, Studio Manager:

The benefits of practicing yoga in outdoor public green spaces

6) Aly Koster - Lululemon, Manager

7) Jeana Anderson Cohen - A Sweat Life Founder

Location: Northerly Island Park Fieldhouse 1521 S Linn White Dr., Chicago, IL 60605

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Bob O'Neill, President | Grant Park Conservancy, 330 South Michigan Ave #1505, Chicago, IL 60604 Tel: 1-312-927-6795 |

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