What's next for Grant Park after the world's 7th largest gathering of people?

The Cubs' victory celebration was the the 7th largest human gathering in world history and it was in Grant Park. The Cubs' celebration in Grant Park further solidifies Grant Park's place as Chicago's massive, outdoor civic center: Chicago's green front yard. Chicago has never seen a celebration of this magnitude. The number of people who came out was almost twice Chicago's entire population. The celebration was amazing as it creates more civic pride for Chicago and is very good for its economy. Chicago really needed the win more than ever as Chicago is going through some rough patches lately and its national and international reputations needed the boost. Grant Park suffered some damage as the photos indicate, especially at Lower Hutchinson Field. Parts of it were turned into mud as the area was very wet. It will need to be repaired the way it gets done after Lollapalooza. The Cubs' are paying for all repairs. Also, a large garden at Solti Garden, right on the corner of Michigan and Jackson, was severely trampled and needs to be redone. We will keep up on all of these repairs and are confident they will get done. These celebrations are really great for Grant Park and Chicago but we need to make sure we get the resources to maintain it at world-class, front-yard standards and continue to make it greener and greener and more beautiful. Grant Park is an incredible economic engine for Chicago generating many millions of dollars each year for Chicago's neighborhood parks and creating an annual economic impact in the hundreds of millions of dollars.​ Thanks, President - Bob O'Neill

The Photos below show the damage that will be repaired.

Photos by Bob O'Neill

Photos by Bob O'Neill

Photos by Bob O'Neill

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