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NFL Draft Town Returning to Grant Park with Big Attractions in Store

After an extremely successful 2015 draft the NFL has decided to come back to Chicago again to hold this Spring's 2016 NFL draft. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the decision Tuesday during an NFL owners meeting.

"We're coming back to Chicago for the draft in 2016," Goodell said. "They've earned it. The success we had last year set a new bar for the draft, it set a new opportunity for fans to interact with the NFL. It had a tremendous impact on this community."

The NFL was very pleased with Chicago last year as the host of "Draft Town" a free attraction that brings in over 200,000 visitors each year. A study by the Sport Industry Research Center at Temple University released last month pegged direct economic impact to Chicago at nearly $44 million, including hotel revenue, dining, sales tax revenue and temporary jobs. (tribune)

This years festival is expected to feature a Ferris Wheel, a favorite of Peter O’Reilly, NFL senior vice president of events for the NFL.

“Building a massive Ferris wheel here in Draft Town that will … allow you to look down on this incredible expanse that’ll be Draft Town.”

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