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Grant Park Advisory Council Meeting at Northerly Island Fieldhouse Thursday December 3rd at 6:30pm.

Please join us to discuss how the recent, major improvements to Grant Park have speared a real estate development boom around Grant Park. Daniel Burnham’s Plan of Chicago, envisioned over 100 years ago, always intended for the park to be surrounded by high-density buildings. One hundred years later, the south end of the park is finally realizing a modern interpretation of Burnham's Plan. The north end is booming with the announcement of Wanda Vista Tower. The importance of active, green spaces filled with culture cannot be overstated. A green, active, and culturally-relevant Grant Park attracts new real estate development, jobs, much-needed tax revenue, tourism, walkable, bike-able and public-transit-oriented development, retail, interesting design and architecture.

Location: Northerly Island Fieldhouse 1521 S. Linn White Dr, Chicago, IL 60605

Other Topics of Discussion Ideas for a world-class outdoor fitness area in Grant Park The new Roosevelt Road pedestrian and bike-friendly design connecting public transit to Grant Park, Museum Campus, Northerly Island, Soldier Field and the new Lucas Museum — how these all work together with increased density and complement each other Lollapalooza, James Beard Awards, Windy City Wine Festival, Chicago Ale Fest of craft beers, Dew Tour, NFL Draft, Grant Park Skate Park, Maggie Daley Park, Central Station, Lakeshore East, Lucas Museum, Millennium Park, Northerly Island and more prove that an active, beautiful, green park filled with cultural attractions brings economic development and vice versa Why, in one of this city's and state's worst financial crises, are some people still so anti-real estate development?

Bob O'Neill, President | Grant Park Conservancy, 330 South Michigan Ave #1505, Chicago, IL 60604 | Tel: 1-312-927-6795 |

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