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Dew Tour To Beautify The Park


The Grant Park Conservancy is looking at the Dew Tour as a way to open the Grant Park Skate Park for the summer but also as a way to improve the south end of Grant Park which needs more work compared to the north end which has Maggie Daley Park and Millennium Park. The Grant Park Conservancy will make sure that the Dew Tour will not only have the park completely restored but then made even better with $125,00.00 in beautification funds. The Dew Tour is paying the Chicago Park District $250,000 to use the Grant Park Skate Plaza and the southwest corner of Grant Park for the weekend. The Grant Park Conservancy will work for a complete restoration and improvements of the south end of the park.

More coverage by DNAinfo:

Mountain Dew Skate Tour takes Shape in Grant Park

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