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The Grant Park Conservancy Wants A "Game Changing" Design For Maggie Daley Park's New Restaurant

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Curbed Chicago checks in on the restaurant coming to Maggie Daley Park:

Still in its very preliminary planning stages, with construction possible in June and an anticipated early 2016 opening, the project by SPACE Architects and Site Design Group will take root at a site down the street from the Modern Wing, which O'Neill hopes becomes a focal point for the area and an example of progressive design.

"Design is paramount, given its location," he says. "We've lost some of our edge in architecture, and sometimes these small properties can begame changers."

O'Neill aims for a design process mirroring the one used for the skate park, with plenty of feedback and public hearings; he mentioned the Lucas Museum as an example of what not to do. A decade after the Park Grill, we should strive for something more interesting, he added.

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