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Red Bull Sits Down With BMX Legend Brian Kachinsky

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Brian Kachinsky tells Red Bull about Chicago’s latest park and the work required to make it happen.


This park is more street/plaza orientated, which is pretty different than the other skate parks in Chicago. What was the impetus behind some of the design?

Plaza style is obviously popular around the country and around the world. I've been to skateparks in over 30 countries and love seeing how different they all are. I think the plaza style is good for this particular park because of a couple reasons:

1. The amount of users: The layout of this park can host several riders/skaters simultaneously. This park has so many different sections that you can better judge where someone is going in order to avoid crossing their path.

2. The aesthetics: Grant Park is beautiful. The entire park is historic and this park is even inspired by the main railroad station that once sat in the exact location. The people at Grant Park wanted to have a skatepark but also wanted it to fit in with the historic and beautiful surroundings.

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