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First Concert at the future Chopin Garden this Saturday!

Chopin Garden in Grant Park (English)3-page-001.jpg
This Chopin Garden is an effort to create a statue honoring and celebrating Frederic Chopin, one of Poland’s and the world’s most beloved composers. The Chopin Monument will reach 15 feet atop a five-foot pedestal. It would be 5/8 scale bronze replica of a 1907 statue designed by Waclaw Szymanowski’s, which stands in Warsaw’s Royal Baths Park, Poland’s most prestigious park. To activate the monument, there will be spring and summer piano concerts, adding a new activity to attract people to Grant Park.. The Chopin Garden will be located at 11th street and Michigan Ave providing classical musical programming in South Grant Park. The Chopin Garden will consist of a statue of Chopin, a small stage area and intimate audience seating and be privately financed by the Chicago Chopin Foundation which is leading the fundraising campaign.

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