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Just A Little Mud!

Both the Sun-Times, Tribune and CBS report on the restoration process of Grant Park following a rainy and muddy conclusion to Lollapalooza festivities. Despite the wet and messy feilds there is little need to worry.

Under the contract between the Chicago Park District and the Lollapalooza organizers, an "independent third party" will be called in to assess the condition of the festival area and determine the cost of repairing and restoring that area to its "pre-Festival condition." The contract states that the organizers are responsible for "all reasonable costs" in that regard.

Furthermore, “All the gardens and bushes were fenced off and secure, so people couldn’t run through those. You get good at knowing areas people cut through and trample and you better secure those areas,” O’Neill said Monday after riding his bike through Grant Park.

“The only damage that was done was to turf, which is the easiest to correct. It’ll take time for the turf to come back with re-sodding, aerating and seeding. But, those areas will be roped off so they can come back.”

O’Neill said it helped that Chicago has had a “really wet spring and summer,” which left the landscaping in far “better and more durable shape” than if there had been a drought.

Ultimately, “It’s a luxury to have that festival in a downtown site. Nowhere in the world do they get that beautiful and prominent a space along the waterfront with the skyline and beautiful landscaping. It works both ways. If the park looks good, Lollapalooza looks good and vice-versa. There’s a symbiotic relationship that’s working.”

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