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Grant Skate Park

Location Notes: 9th Street and Columbus Dr.

A 3-acre skate park and adjacent performance space in the southwest corner of Grant Park is a project to draw a younger, more diverse crowd and revitalize the southwest corner of Grant Park. The Skate Plaza is full of ramps, rails and ledges with a focus on “flow” and being “wheel friendly,” with BMXers and roller bladers invited along with skateboarders. The creation process has developed in concert with skateboarders, rollerbladers and BMXers  to maximize the quality of the design. Working with the surrounding community, the Skate Plaza and Performance Space has drawn wide support. The Grant Park Skate Plaza opened on December 6th, 2014.

Grant Park Skate Park - 1
Grant Park Skate Park - 2
Grant Park Skate Park - 3
Grant Park Skate Park - 4
Grant Park Skate Park - 5
Grant Park Skate Park - 6
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