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Grant Park Conservancy in the Press

We love our Chicago thunderstorms, except when they take our trees (Chicago Tribune)

Hope springs eternal, but garden needs cash (Chicago Tribune)

After Las Vegas Shooting, Live Music Organizers Look Cautiously Forward (Rolling Stone)

What happens now? Chicago reacts to Las Vegas shooting (Columbia Chronicle)

Gunman Researched Lollapalooza in Months Before Vegas Massacre: Sources (NBC5 News)

'F--- Columbus' Scrawled On Statue By Masked Men, Neighbors Say (DNAinfo)

Roller Hockey Could Be Coming To Grant Park 03/06/2017 (DNAinfo)

Grant Park 'Labyrinth' Pitched To Help Visitors Find Peace 03/03/2017 (DNAinfo)

Here's What Grant Park's Proposed 'Outdoor Gym' Might Look Like 12/14/2016 (DNAinfo)

36,000-Square-Foot Outdoor Gym Proposed for Grant Park 12/08/2016 (DNAinfo)

'Urban Buddha' gets a Grant Park transplant 11/22/2016 (Forest Park Review)

Cubs to pay $388,000 for repairs to Grant Park after World Series victory rally 11/23/2016 (Chicago Tribune)

Cubs To Shell Out 388K To Repair Grant Park After World Series Rally 11/23/2016 (Chicagoist)

Cubs To Pay Nearly $400K To Repair Grant Park After Championship Rally 11/23/2016 (DNAinfo)

Is This Chicago's Most Dangerous Water Fountain? 10/25/2016 (DNAinfo)


'Urban Buddha' Sculpture Lands In Grant Park 10/25/2016 (DNAinfo)


Cost to restore Grant Park after Lollapalooza exceeds $450,000 09/13/2016 (Chicago Tribune)

Cost To Fix Grant Park After Lollapalooza Nearly Doubles This Year 09/13/2016 (CBS)

It Cost Over $400K To Fix Grant Park After Lollapalooza 09/13/2016 (Chicagoist)

Lollapalooza's Grant Park Repair Costs Way Up From Last Year 09/13/2016 (DNAinfo)

Extra-Long Lollapalooza Not That Bad For Grant Park, Parks Leader Says 08/04/2016 (DNAinfo)

Obamas pick Jackson Park for presidential library site 07/27/2016 (Crain's Chicago)

Fitbit welcomed over 700 people on Saturday at Grant Park 07/19/2016 (Grant Park Conservancy)

Buddha is about to get a new meditation spot — a downtown skate park 06/03/2016 (Chicago Tribune)

Outdoor gym proposed for Grant Park near Balbo and Columbus 05/04/2016 (Gazette Chicago)


Grant Park welcomes its own TEDx series! 04/22/2016 (Grant Park Conservancy)


NFL Draft Town Returning to Grant Park with Big Attractions in Store 04/01/2016 (Grant Park Conservancy)


100 Brewers Come to Grant Park Again for Chicago Ale Fest this June 03/15/2016 (Grant Park Conservancy)


Delayed one year, the revamped project will seek city approval later this month 04/12/2016 (Curbed Chicago)


Maggie Daley Park restaurant to provide public bathrooms and shade 04/15/2016 (Chicago Tribune)


Here's What The Newer, Smaller Maggie Daley Park Restaurant Might Look Like 04/13/2016 (DNAinfo)


Grant Park's New Attraction Is 80-Foot Piece Designed by Giant Eyeball Guy 01/19/2016 (DNAinfo)


Ping Pong Table the Latest Addition to Grant Park 11/10/2015 (DNAinfo)


Developer's Site Hints at a Rafael Vinoly Designed Tower for the South Loop 8/25/2015 (Curbed Chicago)


Lollapalooza to pay $200,000-plus to fix Grant Park 8/14/2015 (RedEye)


NFL Draft Returning To Chicago In 2016 8/11/2015 (Chicago Tribune)


Helmut Jahn designing tower planned for South Michigan Avenue 8/6/2015 (Crain's Chicago Business)


Found near death in Grant Park, a loner pit bull has a new best friend 8/5/2015 (Chicago Tribune)


Lollapalooza Draws 300,000 To Chicago 8/5/2015 (Billboard)


Chicago Lakefront Kiosks Bringing Pop-Up Architecture To The City This Fall 8/5/2015 (Curbed Chicago)


Field Museum Wants To Remove, Replace Trees, But Grant Park Group Not Happy 7/30/2015 (DNAinfo)


Lollapalooza Brings In Millions For City Of Chicago 7/29/2015 (NBC Chicago)


There's Still A Wait For Maggie Daley Park's Resturant 7/29/2015 (DNAinfo)


Dog Owners Miffed at Maggie Daley Park Ban Thrown A Bone 7/29/2015 (DNAinfo)


Tree-Huggers Give Lollapalooza Rave Reviews 7/29/2015 (CBS Chicago)


Lollapalooza Returns To Grant Park This Weekend 7/29/2015 (CBS Chicago)


From Lollapalooza to NFL draft, high-profile events paying off for Chicago 7/25/2015 (Chicago Tribune)


Differing views on Maggie Daley Park restaurant 7/2/2015 (Gazette)


Mountain Dew Skate Tour Takes Shape In Grant Park 6/18/2015 (DNAinfo)


U-Haul Destination No. 2: Chicago Nets Best Ranking Since 2007 6/3/2015


Civil War Widows, General Logan & Why We Celebrate Memorial Day 5/25/2015


Downtown Group Corrals Businesses to Whip Planters into Shape 5/21/2015 (DNAinfo)




150 years ago, Lincoln's body arrived in Chicago 5/1/2015 (Chicago Sun Times


Dew Tour, BMX and skateboarding competition, could come to Grant Park 4/15/2015 (Redeye)


Mountain Dew Skate Tour Set to Kick Off in Grant Park This Summer 4/15/2015 (DNAinfo)


Maggie Daley Park Climbing Walls Nearing Completion 4/6/2015 (CBS)




Construction Nearly Complete on The 606 3/25/215 (WTTW)


With Spring Comes the Countdown to the New Riverwalk 3/20/2015 (Curbed Chicago)


$350 million Superloop streetcar system being studied 3/5/2015 (Gazette)


Skate season winds down, even as the cold wears on 3/1/2015 (Chicago Tribune)


Maggie Daley Park restaurant renderings revealed 2/27/2015 (Redeye)


Maggie's at the Park, Maggie Daley Park Restaurant, Previewed in New Images 2/27/2015 (DNAinfo)


Negotiations Underway for Maggie Daley Park Dog Ban 'Compromise': Official 2/27/2015 (DNAinfo)


New Maggie Daley Park Restaurant Concept Has Trees Growing Through the Dining Room 2/27/2105 (Curbed Chicago)


Chicago's history of museums in the parks 2/19/2015 (Tribune)


Park Leader Wants Game-Changing Maggie Daley Park Restaurant 1/29/2015


Chicagoans voice concern over Maggie Daley Park dog ban 1/28/2015


Park District Reaffirms Dog Ban At Maggie Daley Park 1/28/2015


Meeting draws sharp debate over dog ban at Maggie Daley Park 1/28/2015


Dogs Could Still Have Their Day at Maggie Daley Park 1/28/2015


Dog Ban 'Alternatives', Maggie Daley Restaurant To Be Discussed at Meeting 1/27/2015


Chicago Ale Fest Bringing 100 Craft Brewers To Massive Grant Park Event 1/15/2015


Park District Approves Maggie Daley Park Restaurant Permit 1/14/2015


Park District Nears Deal for Maggie Daley Park Restaurant 1/12/15


Maggie Daley Ice Ribbon Zamboni Tweets Warn of Long Waits for Resurfacing  1/2/2015


What Happens to Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon When It Warms Up? 12/15/2014


Hundreds attend Maggie Daley Park ribbon-cutting 12/13/2014


Maggie Daley ice skating ribbon, playground opens Saturday 12/11/2014


No Dogs Allowed in Maggie Daley Park When it Opens 12/10/2014


No dogs allowed in Maggie Daley Park 12/11/2014


Maggie Daley Park ice skating ribbon opens Saturday 12/8/2014


Grab Your Board! Grant Park Skate Park Opening Saturday 12/4/2014


Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon Nearly Complete 11/26/2014


Free admission for Maggie Daley Park ice skating ribbon; $12 skate rental 11/20/2014


How to get a public skate park built 11/18/2014


City plans to open $2.7 million skate park in Grant Park 11/17/2014


Lollapalooza's final tab for fixing Grant Park: $260,544 11/10/2014


Grant Park Skate Park Not Ready Yet, But Skateboarders Break It In at Night  11/5/2014




Would-be Chicago Spire developers lose coveted property 11/3/2014


Say Good-Bye to the Chicago Spire? 11/3/2014


Maggie Daley Park ice skating ribbon set to open this winter 10/22/2014


Public weighs in on Museum Campus plan 10/22/2014


Public input sought on Museum Campus plan 10/21/2014


Museum Campus Transit Plan Ideas Include Street Car System, Ticket Kiosks 10/13/2014


Fight Over Grant Park Tennis Courts Gets Ugly 10/8/2014


26.2 miles through Chicago: Interactive marathon map 10/7/2014


Museum Campus planning meeting set for Oct. 21st 10/7/2014


When the pope came to Chicago 10/4/2014


Update on Maggie Daley Park: Key Attractions Taking Shape 9/30/2014


Art Institute is the world's best museum 9/19/2014


Chicago Symphony Orchestra Could Open 'Route 66 Museum' at New Loop Park 9/16/2014


Chicago Park District Board expands smoking ban to parks, harbors 9/11/2014


Savor Good Food, Beer And Wine At Savour 9/2/2014


Grant Park's New Skate Park is Beginning to Take Shape 9/2/2014


Lollapalooza rains cause $266,000 in turf damage to Grant Park 8/13/2014


Lollapalooza Damage Will Cost Promoters $266K, Take Weeks To Fix 8/13/2014


Repairs to Grant Park after Lollapalooza could cost $266,000 8/13/2014


Park Advocate: Lollapalooza Mess At Grant Park Not As Bad As 2011 8/4/2014


The muddy post-Lollapalooza cleanup begins 8/4/2014


Lollapalooza organizers say mudbath damage 'more' than last year 8/4/2014


City breaks ground on skateboard park 8/1/2014


Parks Advocate: Lollapalooza Has Paid Dividends To City, Neighborhoods 8/1/2014




A bank set up on public land in Grant Park—what's next? 7/22/2014


The Five Most Anticipated New Parks Chicagoans Can't Wait For 7/15/2014


Grant Park: Chicago’s front yard gets a face lift, amenities 7/4/2014


PNC Pop-up Bank Doesn't Belong in Grant Park, Neighbors Say 6/30/2014


Don't Forget About Grant Park's *Other* New Park 6/19/2014


Grant Park Conservancy Seeks Ideas to Replace Old Skate Park 6/18/2014


Trotter Project to promote famed chef's ideals 6/12/2014 


Roosevelt Road Bike Lane Construction Kicks Off 6/6/2014


Northerly Island's 'Amazing' Redo Sneak Peek: Hills, Mini-Lake in Place 6/5/2014


Work to begin on Grant Park skate park 6/2/2014


'Litter Gardens,' Chipped Paint Downtown Could Hurt Local Business 4/30/2014


Foam blocks form hilly landscape at Maggie Daley Park site 4/13/2014


13-year-old boy charged in Grant Park tagging 4/8/2014


Boy, 13, charged with defacing 18 Grant Park statues 4/8/2014


Teen Charged With Defacing Statues In Grant Park 4/8/2014


13-year-old boy charged with defacing statues in Grant Park 4/8/2014


Skateboard park on track before TIF funds expire 4/5/2014


Vandals Target 18 Chicago Statues 4/5/2014


Faceless statues in Grant Park hit by graffit 4/5/2014


Faceless statues in Grant Park hit with graffiti 4/5/2014


Taggers Deface Statues In Grant Park Art Installation 4/5/2014


Vandals hit 18 statues in Grant Park with graffiti 4/5/2014


Vandals Target 18 Chicago Statues 4/6/2014


Grant Park statues hit by graffiti 4/6/2014


Maggie Daley Park Will Boast More Trees, More Diverse Species 4/1/2014


Chicago Crowdsources Skate Park 3/21/2014


DuSable Park to Get Calatrava-Designed Redo Under Revived Spire Plan 3/17/2014


New Renderings Reveal Grant Park's Latest Skate Park Design 3/11/2014


Grant Park Plan Calls For Smaller Skate Park & 1,000 Trees 3/6/2014


Grant Park Skate Park Team Unveils New, Scaled-Back Redesign 3/5/2014


Music lineup, street closures, security measures for Lollapalooza 2013 2/24/2013


FIRST LOOK: Maggie Daley Park Field House Images Showcase Swanky Redesign 2/24/2014


Grant Park Skate Park Gets $1.5M Pledge from Rahm after Plea from Advocates 2/20/2014


Grant Park skateboard rink needs TIF funding 2/7/2014




Grant Park To Get New Fountain Thanks to $6M Gift in Civil War Hero's Honor 11/20/2013


City Mulling New Tree-Lined, Protected Bike Path for Roosevelt Road 11/20/2013


Geofoam Helps Mold the Construction of Chicago’s New Downtown Maggie Daley Park 10/29/2013


Construction of Maggie Daley Park hits halfway mark 10/27/2013


Northerly Island concert pavilion may get major expansion 10/15/2013


Chopin Monument in Chicago


Officials push for dog park 7/16/2013


Borders Installation in Solti Garden 8/7/2013 


Icelandic Artist Brings 26 Life-Sized Sculptures to Solti Garden in Grant Park  7/31/2013


Building a better park through sound 6/28/2013


Grant Park Skate Park First Look: Images of Early Plans for 3-Acre Project 6/27/2013


Buckingham Fountain Turned On For Season 5/2/2013


Charter One Pavilion to get massive lawn seating  3/19/2013


Plans to expand concert pavilion at Northerly Island 3/19/2013


Skateboard plan for Chicago's lakefront Grant Park 3/3/2013


Park district rolling out plans for permanent skate area in Grant Park 2/22/2013


Trees being cleared from a corner of Grant Park 11/12/2012


North Grant Park construction prep begins 9/19/2012


Mayor Emanuel announces park in north Grant Park to be named Maggie Daley Park 8/27/2012


Mayor Emanuel Names New Downtown Park in Honor of Maggie Daley 8/25/2012


Lollapalooza promoters pay $150K for Grant Park clean-up 8/22/2012


Lollapalooza Cleanup Less Expensive than Last Year 8/20/2012


Lollapalooza left Grant Park a muddy mess, clean-up continues 8/13/2012


Grant Park watchdogs and Lollapalooza hype; Boone talks music and the Cultural Plan 7/30/2012


More fences, better security for Lollapalooza 7/27/2012


Protect your garden, without losing your hare 5/7/2012


Hope springs eternal, but garden needs cash 4/1/2012


Parkways gifts to fund Grant Park garden, S. Side soccer field 3/27/2012


Chicago Park District reveals final plans for North Grant Park redo 1/27/2012


20-acre Grant Park site to feature hills, climbing areas, skate ‘ribbon’ 1/25/2012


North Grant Park plans unveiled 12/7/2011


Children’s Museum Not Coming to Grant Park 8/27/2011


Repairing Grant Park Post-Lolla: Waiting Is the Hardest Park 8/19/2011


Lollapalooza took Grant Park by storm, left it wrecked 8/9/2011


Rain, Lollapalooza Leave Grant Park a Mess 8/9/2011


Grant Park grass, fieldhouse addressed 8/7/2011


Grant Park makeover coming 8/3/2011


Grant Park paying for 270 new trees with money from Lollapalooza 7/20/2011


Farmers market may come to Grant Park in South Loop 4/21/2011


Children’s Museum May Never Come To Grant Park 4/4/2011


Children’s Museum’s move to Grant Park looking less likely 4/3/2011


Officials to unveil plan for nature sanctuary and park on Northerly Island 11/27/2010


Buckingham Fountain project waits for funding 5/26/2010


$5 million memorial to Daniel Burnham is backed 5/20/2010


Daley’s plan has ’em drinking up along the lake 4/14/2010


What Oprah's Departure Means for the Windy City 11/26/2009


Northerly direction 11/9/2009


Chicago architect wins competition for Burnham memorial 7/8/2009


Chicago 2016 meets with Grant Park residents, hears concerns 4/2/2009


Local architects plan an eco-bridge to complete Burnham's plan 1/29/2009


New link planned for Millennium, Grant Parks 12/21/2008


Cost of Obama rally could top $2 million 10/24/2008


Grant Park: Sir Georg Solti Garden 9/1/2008


Park activists aim to bridge fountain, Queen's Landing for pedestrians 8/10/2008


Sure, it's Grant Park, but how green is it? 3/1/2008


Spire plans raise hopes for neglected park space 2/18/2007


Skyscraper projects booming in Chicago 6/26/2006


Skyscrapers booming in city where the term was born 6/24/2006


Chicago, Under Siege by Geese, May Add Dogs, Shrubs to Arsenal 3/23/2006


Geese wearing out their welcome in Grant Park 3/10/2006


New vision for Grant Park 2/5/2006


Grant Park coming out of the shadows 2/5/2006


O, you lucky dogs, this is Bark Ave. 2/22/2005


Two more things to wine about 3/19/2005


Land near Grant Park gains attention 3/15/2004


Grant Park closes in on dog run site 10/8/2004


Rabbits plundering plants in Grant Park 4/20/2003

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