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Bob O'Neill

Grant Park Conservancy

330 South Michigan #1505

Chicago, IL 60604


Student Member- $50.00 

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Catalpa Member - $100.00

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Steward Member - $150.00

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Oak Member - $250.00

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Elm Tree Member -  $500.00

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Why Donate?

Your support of the Grant Park Conservancy translates into five broad areas:


Uniqueness – Grant Park is unparalleled in the world. Its 325 acres of distinct landscape stretch from the serene beauty of Lake Michigan to the great skyscrapers of Chicago’s downtown. Grant Park is a universal Chicago symbol and a central part of Chicago’s identity. Grant Park is a world-class park for a world-class city. Grant Park is a gem and the Grant Park Conservancy keeps it shining and polished.


Environment – There are over 3,000 trees in Grant Park that help cleanse the air. Trees are one of the most cost efficient ways to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere. The Grant Park Conservancy manages an active volunteer stewardship program that helps mulch trees and keep them healthy. Trees and green space provide shade and look attractive, encouraging people to walk and bike through the park. The Grant Park Conservancy works closely with the Chicago Park District in improving landscape design and developing ways to reduce traffic congestion and improve transportation links to Grant Park. A healthy environment in Grant Park supports a healthier city and its residents.


Economy – A donation to the Grant Park Conservancy is an investment. Wealth often concentrates around parks with Grant Park keeping real estate values high and climbing. Grant Park hosts events like Lollapalooza and the Windy City Wine Festival that generate millions in donations and public taxes. Grant Park is a destination that attracts tourists and suburbanites along with their spending. Grant Park generates more money than it consumes. However, with strapped public budgets, there is not enough public spending to keep Grant Park at its prime, which makes private donations essential. The Grant Park Conservancy views Grant Park as an asset that provides a return on investment.


Culture – Grant Park is an outdoor gallery. It is a stage for sculpture and public art. The works of renowned artists like Anish Kapoor, Henry Moore, Richard Serra, Magdalena Abakanowicz and Augustus Saint-Gaudens to name but a few that grace Grant Park. Your support would advance the Grant Park Conservancy’s mission of bringing temporary art installations into Grant Park. This allows Grant Park users the opportunity to experience dynamic, high quality and often international public art. The Grant Park Conservancy nurtures an environment conductive to the arts to enrich the lives and souls of its users.


Civic – Grant Park is for all of Chicago. The park is free and inclusive. It is a thriving civic space that creates a sense of community that encompasses the entire city. It is something we all have in common as Chicagoans. It is a place where people can come together to celebrate events like sport championships or President Obama’s victory speech in 2008. A special place like Grant Park builds a mutual sense of ownership that creates opportunities for diverse interaction.

Charter Member - $1,000.00

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The Grant Park Conservancy is building a coalition of city and other governmental agencies, businesses, developers, community groups, educational institutions, architects and urban planners.

Not For Profit Institution - $3,000.00

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Corporate Sponsor - $5,000.00

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Grant Park Benefactor - $10,000.00

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